The History of Gaming (Infographic)

The story of Gaming has seen some interesting milestones in history. Its evolution is both exciting and eclectic. One of history’s most enigmatic general’s, Napoleon, loved the game of Blackjack, while fiction’s most commercial commodity, James Bond, has often been associated with Baccarat. The modern game player tends to now play at sites like This and more facts... Read More »

PlayStation 4 Charging Stations

You can’t enjoy the beautiful graphics and immersive games of the PlayStation 4 without a charged controller. That’s why it’s important to keep your controller(s) charged while you’re gaming. Because a lot of gamers have two PS4 controllers, a charging station can be the answer to this problem. Benefits of a Dualshock 4 charging station 1) Always ready to... Read More »

10 Video Game Halloween Costumes for Gamers on a Budget

In a few weeks it’s that time of the year again: Halloween. Kids carve pumpkins, watch horror movies, play pranks, etc. But one the coolest things about Halloween are the Halloween costumes. Kids use them for trick-and-treat and adults wear them to attend costume parties. But as a gamer you rather spend your money on games instead of a... Read More »

10 Kick-Ass Black Ops 2 Wallpapers

A lot of gamers are looking forward to the release of the new Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. After the success of the previous version, gamers are expecting a lot of this game. So far we’ve seen plenty of images, screenshots and videos to give us an idea of the new look and feel of the game. And... Read More »

How A Gaming Mouse Should Look: BMW Level 10 M

Yes, you read that right. This gaming mouse is designed by BMW (BMW Group Designworks USA in cooperation with Thermaltake to be precise) and it’s called Level 10 M. It has only one purpose: to help improve the performance of gamers. Comparing the Level 10M mouse to a basic computer mouse is like comparing a formula one car to... Read More »

Everything About BLUS-Codes and BLES-Codes

What is a BLUS / BLES Code? BLUS and BLES codes are disc ID’s. You can compare them to the ISBN codes you find on books. These codes are connected to the region codes. There are 3 different codes: BLES: European games (region 2) BLUS: American games (region 1) BLAS: Asian games (region 3) BLUS and BLES codes come in handy... Read More »

10 Things Every Gamer Hates (With Memes!)

Few things are as universal as things gamers hate. Whether you live in Portugal or China, I’m sure you’ll recognize some of the annoying aspects of gaming in this article. Don’t forget to post a comment and tell us which one of these you hate most. If you can think of more things gamers hate, please post them too.... Read More »

5 Reasons Why It’s Better to Buy Games Online

We are big fans of buying games online. Perhaps you have bought some games via the internet yourself. Nowadays you can find virtually anything on the world wide web, including games and game-related products. There are some benefits to the online purchase of games you won’t find in brick-and-mortar stores. In this article, we give you 5 reasons why... Read More »

15 Lifehacks for Gamers

Keep your cables into place This is a very useful tips for PC gamers. If you’re always losing your cables behind your desk when you unplug them, this is a great lifehack for you. Use these clips to secure them into place and never lose them again. Store your cables Do you have a lot of extra cables lying... Read More »

A Timeline of Video Game Controllers (Infographic)

Consoles have changed a lot over the last 20 years. They are much more powerful and packed with features we couldn’t imagine a decade ago. Video games have changed a lot as well. Modern games have high definition visuals, surround sound and innovative gameplay mechanics. It’s no surprise then, that the devices we use to interact with the game,... Read More »

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