10 Awesome Video Game Developer Offices

EA San Francisco Electronic Arts’ headquarters are located in Redwood Shores, California. It’s home to a range of development studios that are working on popular titles such as The Sims, Dead Space and Dante’s Inferno. In this awesome office you’ll find two restaurant, a large gym, a volleybal and basketball court, etc. Besides desks and offices it’s packed with... Read More »

10 Awesome Custom Video Game Covers

We don’t often think about it, but the cover of a game is an important part of the shopping experience. Wether you’re shopping in a brick-and-mortar store or an online shop; the cover art needs to grab your attention. That’s what game covers are designed to do. Unfortunately, a lot of these designs can be improved, and that’s exactly... Read More »

Summary of Xbox 720 Speculations

A few weeks ago we compiled a summary of PlayStation 4 speculations. This time we take a look at the next Xbox. On this page you’ll find everything we know so far about Microsoft’s successor to the Xbox 360. You’ll learn more about the hardware, release date and other interesting facts and rumours. Read More »

Summary of PlayStation 4 Speculations

There have been a lot of speculations about the specifications of the successor for Sony’s PlayStation 3. The internet is filled with rumors and leaked info about this future console. We decided to summarize all this info on one single page. Here’s everything we know so far about the PS4: The PS4 Codename Every new console has a codename.... Read More »

PlanetAxel Bankrupt

PlanetAxel has been a popular American video game store for more than 10 years. But due to recent financial problems, PlanetAxel went bankrupt. Because of this, we lose one of the biggest North American video game retailers. In this article you’ll find more information about the closure and answers to some questions you might have. Before the PlanetAxel bankruptcy... Read More »

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